Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happiness side from singapore

Finally, after a super duper long time, I have time to write this blog again :) And... here is my story in Singapore, continued the previous post.

Anually in my major, DKV, there's study tour to another country such as Singapore to learn about their design, especially in sign system, campaign, and multimedia. Actually it's up to ourselves, that we want to go or not. If we really want to go, our lecturers will accompany us with pleasure. So, in the end, after a long discussion, we decide to go there with flight promo from Air Asia in different schedules.

And.... because we wanted the lowest price, we chose the earliest flight (about at 6 am indonesia time) and we had to wait for the lastest flight (about 1.30 pm singapore time). The point was we had to wait about 7 hours. 7 HOURS IN CHANGI AIRPORT.

We walked surrounding the changi airport. Literally all of part in changi we had looked.

The earliest people who arrived at airport (at 4.30 am indonesia time)


Finally, it's 1.30 pm (singapore time) WOHOOOOO! we started our (sweet escape) trip!
First, we went to our hostel in Jalan Besar. after check in bla bla bla, we went to lunch then to orchard road. we had free time at orchard. Mostly of my friends went shopping. Me and some decided to eat ice cream 1$ without any expectations in front of mall, which has lion or dragon statue (not really remember). AND THAT's DELICIOUS. really! recommended! :D

weird name for street, right?

errrr.. I hate cuncun who covered this view :(

then.... suddenly, my friend, cuncun had an (SUPER DUPER FUNNY) accident. hahahha his sandals broke cause trampled by other friend, asing. LOL :D

When the others were shopping, we got another stuff that is more special ;)
On 2nd day, we went to URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) Centre, Singapore City Gallery, Red Dot Museum (unfortunately it's closed :( ), China Town, Marina Bay, and IKEA for last destination. then after IKEA we had free time. Mostly of us went back to Orchard. URA and Singapore City Gallery is a museum which consists about historical of urban planning in Singapore. Its tell us how's Singapore time by time. In China town there's a temple of chinese and many places to buy souvenirs (with low price).

Miniature of Singapore's urban planning
Our hostel
I believe I can fly~
Boss and 2 bodyguards hahahaha :p
Red dot museum

China town
In Marina Bay, after through a luxurious mall we can see a lot of skycraper buildings, then ride a boat to another places. IKEA is a place like ace hardware which sells cute and creative household appliances, and there's foodcourt here with delicious swedish meatballs.

Marina Bay

"Gue mau tinggal dimana ya enakan?"

Soybean ice cream nyaaaam~ recommended!

Before back to hostel, me and some friends went to Mustafa near hostel. Mustafa is like a settlement of India. there's a huge supermarket which sell everything. literally everything :o. in 1 place you can get electronics, sandals, shoes, shirts, snacks, etc. the most popular from here is chocolate for souvenir.

And on 3rd day, we went to National Museum of Singapore (muzium kebangsaan Singapura in malay), Berasbasah (buy some design books), last dinner at Marina, and Clark Quay.

National Museum of Singapore is a museum which contains the history of Singapore. "Why are there many ethnic in Singapore?" This museum can answer this question well. 

National Museum of Singapore
Collections of museum

"Papa, where are you?"

Watch film about the history of Singapore  

last dinner
and.... 4th day is our last day here :( we have to go back to reality soon. no more getaway from college. in this day, we have our own activities. some had flight at day time, some at night. me and some friends went to Universal Studios at Sentosa Island.

I know this is a mainstream photo (everyone has photo like this)
__taken by putri rahmadevvi DKV'09
In here, we rode almost all of vehicles. first, we rode TWO giant roller coaster (battlestar galactica), which could boost our adrenaline. then we rode transformer which has an awesome 4d technology, mummy returns (roller coaster with 4d technology too), jurassic park which like rafting with jurassic park diorama, and shrek 4d film. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to play in madagascar, because the showtime was same as Shrek's.

super LOL face

Time's up! We had to go home. and my story of back to Jakarta, you can read in the previous post below....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

TIME is money

“Time is money”, it’s a familiar quote, right? But we often underestimate it and say “be calm and enjoy your life”. Haha it happens to me too before an incident.

A few weeks ago, I went to Singapore to join a study tour from my university. The main purpose is to learn about sign system which is being the subject of my major. At first, all went according to the plan. I got lots of happiness and unforgettable memories with 34 friends and 4 teachers. But in the last day everything has changed. Each of us had different time of flight. I had flight on 20.55. So, me and 3 others friends left our hostel in Jalan Besar on 18.00 with MRT to Changi airport because we’re afraid about traffic jam. Imagine, we brought our luggage by ourselves, on foot, ride an MRT, transit in terminal, on foot, ride an MRT, and so on. Then finally, we arrived at Changi on 20.00.

But the stories have finished yet. In a rush we checked in at the Air Asia’s counter, and suddenly we felt we need to buy some food and bring it to the plane. Then we went to Burger King’s counter on the downstairs, but I didn’t know what happens, we ate our food near BK, and after we finished our food, it’s already 20.40. OH NO! It wasn’t a good news totally. We ran to the gate as fast as we could, but we have known yet that the gate was far far far away. In the end, all of our happiness in few days ago is replaced by the most regret in our life hahaha we’re late and we missed the flight. And the worst news was we had to pay a new ticket to take us home which was more expensive than our promo ticket round-trip at the first. We got flight on 06.55 so we stayed and slept in Changi.

The most important from that incident is we learn a simple thing which is frequently we ignore that this world never wait for people who late, but we have to chase the world to get what we want. No more “jam karet” which is popular in Indonesia, we had made a promise to ourselves that we’ll be ‘an on-time person’ and believe that “time is money”.

This made by my friend, Andrew Setiawan, when we missed the flight

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So, This Is Holiday (season 1)

AAAAAAAA holiday is almost over. Only a few days left :( :( Can't imagine that this holiday will be changed by ASSignments soon, very soon literally. If you're a 9gag-er you'll say "Holiday, Y U NO more longer?"

On this holiday, because my lil' sister felt so bored at home, my family and I went to other places outside Jakarta. This place called "Magisit Kareumbi" in Cicalengka (between Kabupaten Bandung, Kabupaten Sumedang, and Kabupaten Garut). For more clearly, from the brochure and web there's an explanation: 

Pintu Masuk Blok KW. (Cigoler)
Ditempuh dengan route jalan Bandung – Cicalengka – Sindangwangi – Tanjungwangi – Blok KW. Jarak kota Bandung–Cicalengka ± 30 Km, menggunakan jalan raya propinsi atau dengan kereta api. Dari Cicalengka menuju Sindangwangi (± 13 Km) dengan jalan beraspal hotmix dalam kondisi baik (2009), dari Sindangwangi melintasi Kp. Leuwiliang menuju pintu masuk Blok KW (±2 Km) berupa jalan aspal kelas III dengan kondisi agak jelek dan sempit.Dari pintu masuk menuju blok KW ±1 km jalan berbatu makadam dengan kondisi agak jelek. Lokasi KW dapat dilalui dicapai oleh kendaraan roda empat, truk tentara dan bis mini (30 seat).

To reach our "Rumah Pohon", we have to through a little forest

In fact, this place want to make the tourists fuse with the nature. In here, we can do such as, tracking, hiking, canoe, and see the deer-breeding. We will fee like live in the forest with a lot of trees, grasses, mushrooms, etc.

Mushrooms on the tree

And if we want to sleep, there were places called "Rumah Pohon", with very very plain facilities. Never imagine that we will sleep like in the hotel. In this "Rumah Pohon", there weren't any electricity for charged our gadget, no TV, no AC, no springbed, no bathroom inside. They only provided floormats, sleepingbags, and petromaks lights and conventional bathroom outside the house. Literally feel lived in the nature :D

"Rumah Pohon"

View from window of the house (like live at Edward Cullen's house in Twilight, right?)

Sleep with sleeping bags

The deer-breeding

View during the trip to Kareumbi <3

But.... Because we went at the rainy season, we could doing nothing in there because rain, rain, and rain every time :( So, we only 1 day in there, and continued our trip to Bandung. Actually because I have studied in Bandung, I feel no excited to go there in this holiday. People know Bandung as a fashion and food city. Many factory outlets and distros in here which are visited by people, from Bandung or outside. And also many restaurants which have variatives menus. This time, beside distros and restaurants, we went to "De Ranch" at Jl. Maribaya No.17, Lembang-Bandung. De Ranch is a vacation place for family (especially children), who wants ride a horse with low price but beauty landscape. They make the visitor feel like a cowboy :D

Welcome drink (strawberry or melon fresh milk)

Beauty scenery, grassland <3
Riding horse like a cowboy

Beside riding horses, there are many facilities in here, such as stands of food, flying fox, panahan, ponny horse, trampolin, balon air, cook n cookies, cow-breeding, etc.

Flying fox

Ponny horse

Cook n cookies

Happy happy happy. Happiness was fulfill that day :D And after that we went to Karmel, also in Lembang. People usually know Karmel, or Lembah Karmel in Puncak, pilgrimage place for Christians. But in Lembang there's also Karmel Chapel, place for Christians people to pray, not recommend to pilgrimage.

One of sculpture in Jalan Salib

People put the flowers under the Cross and Maria Cave